Felipe Massa and Sergio Perez Collision is Reinvestigated before Austrian Grand Prix

The collision case of Felipe Massa and Sergio Perez in Montreal is reinvestigated by the stewards. It means that Sergio Perez may have the five place grid penalty for the next race canceled. The collision incident happened on the final lap of the Canadian Grand Prix when the two drivers were contesting for the fourth position. The horrible high speed collision eventually only made the two drivers with minor injuries. The incident happened when Felipe Massa tried to overtake Sergio Perez on the final lap; Perez was mentioned as the guilty party for the incident and had to face the five place grid penalty.
The Force India team requested to re-investigate the incident; the FIA officials and stewards will have a meeting to have further discussion related to the collision case. During an interview; Felipe Massa mentioned that he will never trust Sergio Perez again since he had caused so many problems. The Mexican driver is eventually had a bad record related to causing problems and facing penalties. On the other hand; Perez mentioned that Felipe Massa is a good driver, but they may have different opinions related to the collision incident. The FIA will review the incident and the decision related to Sergio Perez penalty will be announced before the Austrian Grand Prix this weekend.